Project details

One and two storey dwelling in an existing garden, located behind West Street in Lismore, a Heritage Town. House makes extensive use of copper roofing and wall cladding and was designed as a counterpoint to the historic core of Lismore. Designed to be universally accessible and usable throughout and to be capable of sub-division in future years.

The house comprises a series of mono-pitch volumes arranged to respond to the boundaires of this urban site. At the centre lies a double-height Hallway where all the different parts of the house intersect in plan and section. The majority of the accommodation is located at Ground level with connections to the exterior being important on this restricted site. Limited first floor accommodation comprises a mezzanine Study and Guest Bedroom.

Materials used include steel frame, timber frame, masonary, copper sheeting and timber cladding. Services include air to water heat pump and HRV system, contributing to the house’s ‘A’ Rating for energy efficiency.