Denis Burke Park

Denis Burke Park

Clonmel Borough Council to proceed to detailed design and tender stages for re-generation of Denis Burke Park.

The proposals prepared by Kenneth Hennessy Architects Ltd are currently on Public Display at Town Hall, Clonmel as part of CBC’s Part 8 Planning Process. Submissions can be made until 4 p.m. on Friday 15th March 2013. Submissions to: Town Clerk, Clonmel Borough Council, Town Hall, Clonmel.

Our re-generation proposals for Denis Burke Park have been designed to ensure that it would be safe for all, cater for diverse use, be easy to maintain, vandal-proof, flood-resistant and durable. The design has addressed the impact of flood relief works and paid due regard to the fact that the park is within the 1:100 year flood envelope and is part of the proposed flow channel of the river in such an event. All alterations and interventions have been designed to result in minimal impact on storage and the flow channel of the River Suir.

Proposals have been aimed at promoting biodiversity and conserving and improving ecology as far as possible and the design proposals have considered all park users, as well as park wildlife, flora and fauna.
Park uses that have been catered for include: walking, picnicking, relaxing, cycling, jogging, dog-walking, fishing, wildlife appreciation and nature study, appropriate games, children’s play area, outdoor activity for scouts and guides, schools and other groups, artistic pursuits including performance space, music, art and craft in the park, gardening (including communal), mooring and landing for boats and river access for all.
Proposed locations for park uses have taken safety, particularly that of small children, into account in determining appropriate locations.
Park design has given consideration to anti-social occurrences in the park: drinking, littering, dog-fouling, and possible intimidation and harassment.

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